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This certification evaluates the expertise of procurement professionals based on knowledge applied in real world situations.”  

Tabatha Freedman, NIGP-CPP, MBA, CPPO, CPPB
Assistant Manager, Purchasing – IT
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Fla.

The Module B Exam

 1. Understand the Exam Format

As a Pathway F candidate, you are only required to successfully complete Exam Module B through May 2024 testing. After May 2024 testing, all candidates – regardless of eligibility pathway – must successfully complete both Exam Module A and Exam Module B to attain the NIGP-CPP.

Module B represents a bridge from the CPPO and CPPB to the NIGP-CPP and only covers the content that was not examined in the CPPO and CPPB tests. A minimal number of NIGP-CPP exam questions may cover content that was included in the CPPO exams but not on the CPPB exams as differentiated in the UPPCC Body of Knowledge.

Module B consists of 80 questions. You will have 2 hours to complete the computer-based exam at your local testing center.

 2. Understand the Exam Content

The NIGP-CPP comprehensive exam questions will assess your ability to demonstrate competency aligned to 43 competency statements. Generally, the 43 technical competency statements fall into two categories. Twenty (20) are already covered in the CPPO and/or CPPB exams and are, therefore, excluded from the Module B Exam. Twenty-three (23) are not covered in the CPPO and/or CPPB exams and therefore form the basis of the Module B Exam.

The Module B Exam only includes the competency and knowledge statements that were not included in either the CPPO or CPPB exams when the gap analysis was performed in 2019 between the CPPO/CPPB and the new NIGP-CPP.

 3.  Optional Preparation for the Exam

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Once your application is approved, you will receive an approval email.

 4.  Take the Tutorial BEFORE Going to the Testing Center

All candidates must complete an online tutorial from Pearson VUE, our testing partner, BEFORE going to your scheduled testing appointment. The tutorial walks you through the mechanics and functionality of the exam and gives an overview of what to expect on the day of your exam.

The tutorial will NOT be available at your testing appointment. Therefore, it is required that you review this information PRIOR to arriving at the Pearson VUE testing center. 


Registration and payment for May 2023 testing is open from January 4 to March 31.

Annual Testing Windows

February, May, August, November

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Exam Content for the Module B Exam





Module B Prep Course and Guide

Module B Prep Course

 Focuses on three critical areas not traditionally covered by the CPPB and CPPO designations—competencies associated with Strategy, Leadership, and Business Principles.

 Registration includes: NIGP-CPP Module B Prep Guide, Student Workbook (Includes Job Aids, Handouts, Practical Application Exercises, etc.), NIGP-CPP Prep Study Tips

Available in Virtual Instructor-Led and On-Demand

 Contact Hours: 15 Virtual Instructor-Led & 7.5 On-Demand

 CEUs: 1.5 Virtual Instructor-Led & 0.8 On-Demand


Register for a Module B Prep Course

Candidates should enroll a minimum of six months prior to the selected test date in order to provide sufficient time for independent reflection and additional study.

Participation in this course does not guarantee success on the examination.