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NIGP-CPP Certification

Authorized Education Provider Program (AEPP)

The NIGP Certification Commission’s Authorized Education Provider Program takes the guesswork out of recertification by providing reasonable assurances to NIGP-CPP certificants that their educational activities should result in Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for recertification if the activity aligns with the Public Procurement Competency Framework. 

The program establishes standards on the types of educational activities which are accepted for CEHs and recognizes those educational providers who meet these standards and earned the program’s brand… the “Seal of Approval” for educational providers.

It is noted that an educational organization is not required to pursue the Authorized Education Provider designation. The program is strictly optional.  The key benefit of the program is to the NIGP-CPP certificant who gains confidence that an Authorized Education Provider has met the standards necessary to issue CEHs.

The following organizations have successfully demonstrated that the rigorous standards established by the Commission have been met through the Organization’s portfolio of procurement education activities: 

Interested in registering your organization as an AEPP? 

Courses, Workshops, and Webinars

Courses, workshops, and webinars are structured on a pre-established number of education hours/minutes from beginning to end and the participant attends the entire event. The course may be delivered in various modalities: in-person, virtual instructor-led, self-paced or pre-recorded (on-demand), or a combination of these modalities. Workshops may be delivered in-person or virtual instructor-led. To qualify for CEHs, the course or workshop must align with one or more of the competency statements covered in the NIGP-CPP exams; as may be revised by the Certification Commission from time to time. 


Conferences are structured on a pre-established number of days and a maximum number of hours with the understanding that the learner earns education contact hours only for those activities for which he/she participated. The learning may be delivered in various modalities: in-person, virtually, or pre-recorded sessions. Each activity must be at least thirty (30) minutes in duration.

Authorized Continuing Education Hours for conferences can apply to the following activities provided that they generally align with one of more of the NIGP-CPP competency statements:

  • General keynote and plenary sessions featuring speakers or panels providing content relevant to the public procurement profession
  • Workshops and breakout/concurrent sessions relevant to the public procurement profession that include learning objectives and outcomes
  • Formal, scheduled information exchange networking sessions relevant to the public procurement profession
  • Learning exchanges with suppliers within a products exposition/trade show setting (limited to a maximum of 2 hours) relevant to the public procurement profession

Authorized Continuing Education Hours CANNOT be applied to the following activities:

  • Meals and social activities
  • Business meetings
  • Awards programs
  • Informal networking
  • Breaks