How to Apply | NIGP-CPP Certification
NIGP-CPP Certification

Apply for the NIGP-CPP


1.    Read the Certification Handbook completely. Read >

2.  Apply and register at:

3.  Log in with your NIGP account. If you do not remember your credentials, click Forgot Your Password?.  If you don’t have an NIGP account, click Create An Account.

4.  Check your first and last name when you begin the NIGP-CPP application to ensure that the first name and last name on your record exactly match the first name and last name on your required identifications.  If you require a name change, please contact to make this name change.

5.  To begin the application process, click the begin button and complete the online application form.

6.  On the application, select the appropriate Pathway

7.  Upload applicable diplomas or certificates

8. For Pathways A – E, input employment experience(s) and identify the specific individual(s) who will be your employment verifier(s) and independently verify each work experience. NIGP-CPP Certification Handbook

9.  Choose if requesting Special Accommodations. If yes, upload the signed and completed Request for Special Accommodations Form.

10. Sign and attest to Code of Ethics and Candidate Declarations.  

11. Follow the link to remit the $175 non-refundable application fee.  You may also print a copy of your payment receipt.

12. As soon as the application fee is paid, your application is immediately submitted and all required employment verification forms are emailed directly to the specific person(s) named as your employment verifiers.

13. When your application is approved, you will receive an approval email. Your two-year application period begins on that date.

14. The approval email will include information on how to register for testing and remit the testing fees.

The NIGP-CPP records are maintained in a separate database system from the NIGP member records. Please LOGIN to the NIGP-CPP system to access your NIGP-CPP records.




Contact the NIGP Certification Team​