Map out your timeline to the NIGP-CPP | NIGP Certification
NIGP-CPP Certification

Timeline to the NIGP-CPP

4 - 6 Months BEFORE selecting your testing window

Which testing window(s) are best for you

We recommend allowing sufficient time to prepare and select a testing window with plenty of availability on your calendar.  We do not recommend that you select a testing window where you have a very limited number of possible testing dates during that month – vacations, heavy workloads, personal obligations, etc should be considered.

Opens October 4
Closes December 21


Opens January 3
Closes March 31


Opens April 3
Closes June 30


Opens July 4-5
Closes September 30


4 - 6 Months BEFORE your selected testing window

Determine how you wish to prepare/study.


View NIGP’s offerings for prep/study resources.  View


Contact NIGP Customer Care for all prep/study questions and assistance.

Ensure that you are allowing sufficient time to obtain the prep/study resources and to devote time to preparation.

2 - 3 Months BEFORE your selected testing window

Read the Certification Handbook. Read > 


Determine your eligibility pathway by reviewing the eligibility  requirements. View Eligibility Paths >


Gather all necessary documents for upload based on experience and education

  • Pathways A and C - college/university diploma or transcript from the college/university stating the degree conferred and date earned.
  • Pathway B - college/university diploma or transcript from the college/university stating the degree conferred and date earned AND your graduate certificate from an accredited college/university in procurement, supply chain, public policy, or public administration.
  • Pathway D - college/university diploma or transcript from the college/university stating the degree conferred and date earned OR your NIGP Public Procurement Designation certificate.
  • Pathway F Candidates (current CPPB/CPPOs) - Gather your CPPB or CPPO certificate OR a screenshot of your personal record in the  UPPCC database.
  • For degrees earned at an international college/university - gather documentation verifying that the college/university is accredited or similarly approved by a regional, national or international agency.


Determine the Employment Requirements for Pathways A - E

  • Assess each fulltime procurement employment experience within the past 10 years to verify that you performed 20+ of the 43 technical competencies. Please review the Handbook for the listing of the 43 technical competencies. Read >
  • Gather your starting date(s) and ending date(s) for each employment experience.
  • Identify a boss/supervisor/HR representative who will serve as your employment verifier. The specific individual must be named along with his/her job title at that agency/organization, his/her email address, and his/her phone number. Work directly with each employment verifier to ensure that he/she is aware of the specific details you will provide including the 20+ technical competencies you will self-identify for each employment experience.

Should you have a Request for Special Accommodations

  • See the Certification Handbook to obtain a copy of the Request for Special Accommodations Form and information about applying with the Request for Special Accommodations.  Read >
  • The Request for Special Accommodations Form must be signed and completed by your licensed healthcare professional. This Form must be uploaded with the online application at the time of application.

1 - 2 Months BEFORE your selected testing window

After Your Application is Approved


After your application is approved, you will receive your approval email and your two-year application period begins that date.

Register for a specific testing window and a specific testing module and remit the $150 testing fee per Module.  You have the flexibility to schedule each module during the same or different testing windows and on the same or different dates. Go to Testing

Within 24 hours after your payment is processed, you will receive an authorization-to-test email. Use the details within the authorization-to-test email to set up your Pearson VUE account to schedule your testing appointment. NOTE: You will also cancel your testing appointment (if you wish) using your Pearson VUE account.

Be sure that you receive the appointment confirmation email as soon as your appointment is scheduled. Check to be sure your first and last names on your appointment confirmation are exact matches to the first and last names on BOTH forms of identification that you will provide at the testing center. Please refer to the Handbook for further information.

All appointment cancellations must be made at least 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled testing appointment. Please visit the Handbook for information about appointment cancellations and transfers.