Resources for our Chapter Leaders

Chapter Resource Library

NIGP is dedicated to educating and empowering its chapter affiliate leadership. Created as an evolving resource, this online guide is designed to help chapters build and maintain healthy, active chapters by providing a centralized self-help area on our website.

Resources for Chapters

Chapter leaders and volunteers can find information and samples on varied subjects as it pertains to national Chapter resources and services, as well as chapter recruitment, governance and management.

Organized into 7 specific categories, the resource guide provides dozens of links to resources to help chapters:

  • Plan their year
  • Develop their chapter leadership
  • Sample administrative and governance documents
  • Information on how to host NIGP courses Marketing tools to help you promote your chapter
  • And so much more...

Chapter Resources

Leaders in the Loop

Bylaws, Succession Planning, Sample Job Descriptions, Policy Manuals, Strategic Plans
Financial Management
Banking, Record Retention, Debit Cards, Financial Documentation
Membership Recruitment, Student Membership, Benefits of Chapter Membership
Marketing Toolkit, Social Media
Events and Conferences
Reverse Trade Shows, Speed Buying
Legal, Taxes and Insurance
Insurance, Meeting Contracts, Policy & Agreement Documents
For Chapter Leaders
NSite Community
Connect with our chapter leaders to ask questions and get answers.