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NIGP Mentorship Program

NIGP's Mentoring Program

NIGP's mentoring program is a formal 1:1 mentoring experience that allows for continuous registration. 

This on-going program pairs public procurement professionals with more experienced NIGP members who can provide guidance on professional development opportunities and offer other career-related advice.

  • Mentee slots are open to both NIGP members and non-members who are actively pursuing or serving in a public procurement role.
  • Mentors must be NIGP Members and provide up-and-coming and established procurement professionals career and professional development guidance.
  • This program uses NIGP’s online mentoring software for quick and easy matching and step-by-step instructions on how to successfully navigate the mentee/mentor relationship.

Benefits of the Mentorship Program:

 Creating strong professional networks built on trust and respect to facilitate life-long learning

 Promoting diversity of thought and critical thinking skills

 Providing a coaching experience and the tools to be an effective and efficient procurement professional

 Providing supplemental learning channels to enhance brainstorming opportunities

 Providing access to seasoned professionals who can offer encouragement and career-development advice

 Promoting an environment in which mentees feel more empowered, confident and equipped for success

NIGP Mentorship Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is closed to general Facebook users, membership requests are approved by the Mentorship Committee. 

Worry not, authentic join requests are processed quickly.


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