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July 2024: Forum Strategies Part 1

  • Hot Topics – The Team discusses the many ways we try to maintain our energy throughout Forum.
  • Moments with NIGP - An overview of where you can find Radio NIGP, and our staff, at Forum.
  • Deeper Dive - Learn more about the planned activities from the Forum Social Planning Task Force comprised of delegates from both the Member Council and Talent Council. These well-organized activities were designed with both new and established attendees in mind with the series of daily activities being focused on member engagement during Forum in order to strengthen connections.
  • Construction Junction – The importance of building relationships at Forum - not just with other procurement professionals but also with suppliers.

Extra special extra bonus after the show:

  • After Hours - Join Radio NIGP staff as they pack their bags for Forum. We share quick tips on what to bring, how to pack, and a bonus suggested packing list to help you get ready to go to Charlotte!
  • Way to Grow - Growth through adversity with a personal reflection on tragedy especially if you've lived through something so physically close to you that you just have to do something, even to bring some level of closure for yourself. 

June 2024: How to Avoid the “Spend or Lose” Year End Work Rush AKA “Use it or Lose it” Spending Pt. II

This is the second half of our pilot two-month broadcast and covers year-end spending.

Also included in this month’s show is an update on NIGP’s recent accreditation of the NIGP-CPP Certification:

  • Moments with NIGP - Rick Grimm shares key points about how the ANSI-ANAB Accreditation of the NIGP-CPP Certification affects procurement professionals that earned or have yet to earn the NIGP-CPP Certification. Rick also shares the journey to this point and BEYOND!
  • After Hours – Following the end of the show, former Chairs of the NIGP-CPP Certification Commission gather to discuss the past, present, and future of the NIGP-CPP Certification.

Year End Spending Tips:

  • Deeper Dive - During these times of tight budgets and reduced spending, it is important to use the funds allocated to our agency or run the risk of losing those funds!   We will share some pros and cons about spending your funds before the mad year-end rush!
  • Legally Speaking - Standards of governmental accounting applicable to fiscal year end is the topic of the month. Understanding how your Finance Department and external auditors interpret and apply the standards is key to staying compliant. We explore consequences that may result from actions that are not consistent with acceptable practices.
  • Visionary View – A discussion on how Due Diligence is required to decide if the grant is worth it – look at Due Diligence – Grants and timing.
  • Moments w/ NIGP - Chanda Taylor Carpenter, NIGP's Director of Content Research & Development, discusses how members may plan an entire fiscal year of professional development using NIGP's Education Development Concierge. Also, NIGP continues to offer the 60/20 discount program, wherein if you register for a class 60 days out, you receive a 20% discount. Lots of valuable information and some discussion about new offerings coming in FY25. 
  • Procurement on the Go is Live from FAPPO this year with advice for year-end spending and end of fiscal year experiences.
  • Way to Grow – Also live from FAPPO, an interview with a public procurement professional a year later for an update on her adventures/passion.

Episodes of Radio NIGP


  • May 2024 - How to Avoid the “Spend or Lose” Year End Work Rush AKA “Use it or Lose it” Spending…

    This is our pilot 2-month (Part 1 May, Part 2 June) broadcast and covers year-end spending:

    Hot Topics – The Team discusses the "problem" of spend or lose thinking.  When is it legitimate? When is it just bad planning?  How can we be the GPS and not the roadblock?  Sometimes they may need that roadblock to know we won't always swoop in to save the day.

    Moments with NIGP - Join Charles Taylor (NIGP Education Program Manager) to discuss all things FORUM. important takeaways include a reminder that early-bird registration will end on May 31, and NIGP will be hosting a free FORUM webinar on May 22nd. Learn more about what you can expect at FORUM.

    Tech Talk/Construction Junction - While Capital projects may be exempt from year end spend rules, we still have to consider time limits on funding sources, changes in pricing since the budget was developed and the cost of redesign.  Learn how Procurement, by getting involved early, can aid in getting the project done during any time limit restrictions. 

    Chapter Updates - A discussion with Sean Carroll, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, founder of A Posteriori LLC about using or losing funds from a Chapter standpoint, sharing thoughts on keeping reserves and any limitations around that, good Chapter policies surrounding funds, investing in your membership, and more.

    Commentary - We know it is coming.  The end of the year rush to spend is upon us.  To assist our customers in understanding how best to help us help them, we need to first gain and share an understanding of what “end of the year” means to our entity.  This helps everyone with planning and clarity of expectations.  The key to success and less stress can be found in three things: Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

  • April 2024 - When Contracts Go Bad

    NIGP’s online dictionary,, defines contract management as “The overarching process that includes the functions of both contract formation and contract administration” (which is defined as “the functions that are performed after all parties have signed a contract. Typical contract administration activities are goal-oriented and are aimed at ensuring compliance with the contract terms and conditions while giving attention to the achievement of the stated output and outcome of the contract”).

    The intention is that, with proper planning, a great solicitation will aways result in an effortless contract management/administration phase. Reality dictates otherwise and often contracts do go bad. The question is what do we do?

    This month’s Radio NIGP show discusses contract mismanagement, how to help our end users, and how to mitigate a bad situation into a win-win outcome for all, with tips on how to help your contract administrator build a plan, how to become a trusted advisor on a topic you know nothing about, and how your attitude can affect the outcome.

    Hot Topics: Discussion about mitigating contract risks by speaking with the PM before developing the solicitation document.

    Construction Junction: An interview with Cynthia Hogue, Assistant Procurement Official with the City of Plano, TX, about the challenges of construction procurement gone wrong, calling in the bonds and how to mitigate this through detailed reference checks and early communication. 

    Chapter Updates: Delving into the challenges surrounding Conference Contracts, with Art Moore, IAPPO Chapter President, as highlighted by one case study. By examining the events that unfolded and the subsequent adjustments made, we can gain valuable insights into the evolution of contract practices within this domain. 

    Tech Talk: Julie Lumbard-Williams, Senior Buyer at the Johnson County Community College in Overland, KS, speaks to us about how technology procurements can go wrong and a great tip on how not to have them go wrong.

    Way to Grow: What Do You tell Your mentee when their contract goes bad? Join us as NIGP Governing Board Chair, Carrie Mathes provides tips on who to contact when a contract goes bad and how to avoid the problem in the first place!

    Deeper Dive: Lessons learned from our BAD contract experiences. During this segment we will share what went wrong, the outcome, what could have been done differently and lessons learned.

    Legally Speaking: The ways a contract may terminate is discussed, comparing and contrasting termination for cause with termination for convenience and we touch upon the technical, political, and social aspects of terminating a contract.

    Good in Orange: Using a 2011 report from Sarasota County Government as an example, Stacy discusses the implications of when good procurements go bad.

    Other Topics:

    Procurement on the Go: Carl Bonitto, Manager of Purchasing and Risk Management Services, Northumberland County, Ontario, is interviewed about being featured in an article in Supply Professional Magazine. Carl talks about transitioning from private sector supply chain to public procurement, the value of volunteering and building your network, and why procurement professionals love what we do - it is about community. (see article at )

    Moments with NIGP: Interview with NIGP’s Charles Taylor about all things V-CON. Discussion includes dates, instructors, and session titles. Also includes a little bit of history, and how V-CON provides another distribution channel for our membership to access educational content. 

    After Hours: Barb Johnson and Lynda Allair provide pre and post certification test tips to remember when take certification exams. What should you do if you look at the first question and choke? Lynda has the solutions. Improve your outcome - watch this segment.

    Commentary: How the “Three P’s” can help you when “contracts go bad.”

  • March 2024 - Celebrating The Power of You!

    Moments with NIGP

    • A conversation with Rick Grimm about celebrating Purchasing Month: changes that have occurred in the public sector coming out of COVID-19.  The discussion includes key points from the jobs report released on March 8 and how perceptions of purchasing have changed
    • Keith Ashby shares a tribute to Rick Grimm
    • Carrie Winter, NIGP Director of Events, discusses all things FORUM. Listen as Carrie talks about some exciting new innovations at this year's event. And hear about the special event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. 
    • NIGP is pleased to invite you to participate in the Benchmarking Survey Development and Response effort being conducted by NIGP, Marcheta Gillespie President of NIGP Consulting and Dr. Mohamad Alkadry from the University of Connecticut.  Learn more from Marcheta as she shares highlights about this important effort that will propel our Profession forward.

    Hot Topics

    • The team celebrates David Nash, his career, support to the profession, and shares some very helpful advice on moving up in your career

    Chapter Updates

    • At Leadership Summit and Chapter Academy, where dynamic chapter leaders unite from every corner of the nation to ignite innovation, foster growth, and supercharge their skills. In some exclusive interviews, we dive into the thrilling initiatives some of these leaders are spearheading for their chapters during Procurement Month and explore the incredible impact of "The Power of the Friendship Bracelets." Get ready to be inspired!


    • Three post Leadership Summit recordings asking the question: “How did Leadership Summit help the Power in You to bring value to our communities with a colleague from Maryland, a former student, and a new friend made at Summit.
    • We welcome our colleague, Jack Pellegrino, sharing his welcome for Procurement Month and "What's New" in his Purchasing and Contract Department, that he leads in San Diego County.  Jack has to keep 20,000 employees in San Diego County, CA (total number that have something to do with procurement) engaged and informed!  His latest training tool and reference is a tremendous resource for all of the employees and officials, with most of it becoming part of the public face of the San Diego County website.  

    Way to Grow

    • See how members of the Vendor Community represented by the NIGP Business Council support the public procurement professional every day.

    Legally Speaking 

    • How Procurement and Legal can effectively work together because we have common goals and missions with advice for how to build that strong working relationship and advice he would give about working in Procurement.


    • Remembering the difference you make in your community is something worth celebrating, not just during Procurement Month, but every day of the year.  Capturing those projects that bring a smile to your face and a feeling of pride to your heart help you remember the power of YOU and the value you bring to public procurement.  Use those special projects to keep you focused on the tough days and as a reminder that a new day and a new project are just around the corner waiting to bring another smile to your face!
  • February 2024 - Loyalty to the Profession; Recruiting & Retaining Professionals

    This month’s show features seasoned professionals sharing their passion about loyalty, recruiting talent, retaining talent, while keeping their own careers in mind and reflecting on how our needs change over the years.... salary vs. job satisfaction vs. other intrinsic rewards.

    Please note because of this month’s topic and its importance in our profession, there are longer, focused, group segments so enjoy the panel discussions.

    Hot Topics - The team talks about being in control of your own destiny. If you feel stuck, you must ask yourself what really matters to you and why, and then push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes the best place to grow is right where you are, and sometimes you have to move up. It is all about calculated risk. As for those recruiting top talent - do not be so concerned about where they have been or where they might go - focus on their current motivation and what they can add to your team in the time they are there.

    Legally Speaking - A brief discussion about the job sector outlook versus the ongoing challenges faced by government agencies to hire and retain government procurement experts. While the national jobs and employment picture is positive, agencies continue to experience challenges on hiring due to job needs and job expectations in the available employee pool.

    Chapter Updates brings you insights from Jennifer Steffan and Peggy Hoffman on recruiting and retaining those loyal to the profession to join our NIGP chapters and then seeing those best practices in practice during a discussion with Amber Yates, Past President of the Arkansas Chapter and Area 4 Chapter Ambassador. We also introduce a new Radio NIGP Staff member, Ginger Line!

    Moments with NIGP - Discussion with Emily Brown, Cheryl Manke, and Cathy Patin, about the new Pro-D initiatives, including the 12-month calendar of training classes and the Concierge Program which helps members develop a professional development plan based on career objectives. The concierge service is also available to member agencies. 

    Procurement on the Go - Getting her start in procurement when she was just seventeen, Zulay Milan brings a rare perspective to what it is like to join the profession at such a young age. She both created and took advantage of countless opportunities to develop her skillsets and to work her way up. Mentors and great bosses helped, but those factors were also paired with determination and a desire to grow and make a difference. This passion is something she is also sharing with her team and the next generation of procurement professionals. Listen in to learn more about Zulay, her journey, and the path she is creating for so many others to advance and develop as well.

    Visionary Views - Mike Bevis explains his reasons for volunteering and how volunteering has built his network, provided the opportunity to engage with potential new employees and employers, and the satisfaction and fun he gets from it.

    Commentary - Recruiting and retaining talent in our organizations is based on the culture and environment we create in the workplace. This broadcasts challenges you to answer one simple question: What are YOU doing to make that ideal office culture a reality in your organization? Be the difference maker that your organization needs.

    Deeper Dive - We will discuss loyalty to the profession: recruiting and retaining professionals. Colleagues from Radio NIGP share their insight and perspectives. We discuss the importance of finding the right fit for the position, conducting research on prospective employers and ways of identifying talent from a variety of different angles, negotiations and much more! So, be sure to join us for plenty of passionate and authentic discussions on this timely topic. 

  • January 2024 - Loyalty to the procurement profession while pursuing your best career path

    Join us as we explore issues such as - what defines loyalty to the procurement profession?  How does that differ from loyalty to your organization, staff, or leadership/boss?  Does loyalty to the profession help you make the right choices/decisions?  

    While we may experience change in our employer, office, or staff, our loyalty to the procurement profession serves as a steady, guiding beacon. Watch as our staff shares many perspectives; practical, legal, ethical, procurement leadership and mentorship.     

    This Broadcast also includes NIGP's sneak peek into the Ai in Procurement Headliner, all things Forum 2024 in Charlotte NC, a preview of the upcoming RFP Learning Lab Series, and an After Hours discussion on the value of volunteering as part of our loyalty to the profession.

    Welcome:  Explore what it means to be loyal to the profession, and why figuring out where your loyalty lies should matter.

    Hot Topics:  Talk about reasons we may stay (even when life isn't perfect) or reasons we may leave a position.  We explore why the grass isn't always greener on the other side, and we talk about what has motivated us to move on, and what might motivate us to move on in the future.

    Deeper Dive: We will discuss Loyalty to the Profession share perspectives on the characteristics of an organization that creates employee loyalty AND discuss how to incorporate your core values into your profession.

    Way to Grow: How a Mentor responds when a Mentee asks for advice in dealing with an unethical situation.

    Tech Talk: The upcoming headliner series: Harnessing Ai in Public Procurement, what this session will cover, leadership's role in Ai, and the use of Ai to mitigate risks and the pitfalls. 

    Moments with NIGP:

    • Part I - It's never too early to begin thinking and planning for NIGP Forum.  NIGP Forum returns to Charlotte, NC in 2024. Chanda Taylor Carpenter, NIGP's Director of Content and Research, discusses preliminary details regarding NIGP Forum 2024 including some very exciting news about the Virtual portion of the conference. 
    • Part II – The RFP Dream Team drops in to discuss the upcoming six-week RFP Learning Lab series, the lessons learned, and who would benefit from attending.

    Good in Orange: Discusses the responsibility that procurement officers have to be gatekeepers of procurement ethics for their entities. 

    Procurement Professionals on the Go: Catch up with NIGP Governing Board member Molly McLoughlin as she shares her perspective on the importance of staying on-the-move, bringing others along for the journey, and the future of the profession.

    Legally Speaking: Law and ethics require distinct things from procurement professionals. Listen in on a discussion differentiating these requirements and proposing what loyalty to the public procurement profession truly asks of us.


  • December 2023 - Shining a light (on those not normally in the spotlight)

    Radio NIGP turn the attention on those who’ve made an impact on the public procurement profession including interviews with the following on their favorite professional accomplishments and advice for those looking to grow in the industry:

    • Aran Raz - Procurement Manager for the City of Westminster, Colorado
      • What does it take to transform procurement from a decentralized function to a centralized one? Change management aspects of centralization, lessons learned along the way, and tips for others on the journey.
    • Bobbie Matthews – Director, Administrative Services, Port of Portland, OR
      • Strategic partnership (value to early collaboration with internal departments and contractors) and strategic planning, all for the benefit of the traveling public
    • Brian Smith – Purchasing Manager for Multnomah County, OR
    • Ginger Line – Client Development Administrator, Sourcewell
    • Matt Bauer – Vice President of Procurement - Tampa International Airport
      • Innovative Best Practices: How Reverse Auctions Can Add Value to Your Organization
    • Nathan Dawson – Procurement & Contracts Manager Office of Technology and Information Services, State of South Carolina
      • How Procurement’s response during Covid was a shining moment
    • Rebecca Kee – StateRAMP Implementation Consultant
      • How celebrating your team’s goals and accomplishments, and not necessarily awards, is the key indicator of success
    • Stephanie Dion - Procurement Manager Canoe Procurement Group of Canada
      • What does it mean to be a procurement professional on the go
    • Terry McKee - Procurement Director - Knoxville's Community Development Corp - The Public Housing & Redevelopment Authority

    The spotlight also shines on the new NIGP Chapter Ambassadors, a special holiday commentary, the latest news and happenings with NIGP, and a post credit scene extra.

  • November 2023 - Setting Boundaries to be more productive – in and out of the office

    How often do we find ourselves glued to our screens, answering work emails long after office hours? Or sacrificing precious family time due to pressing work deadlines? Striking a balance between our professional and personal lives is not just a luxury but a necessity for our overall well-being and happiness.

    Radio NIGP explores the value of creating boundaries – those invisible lines that define where your work life ends and your personal life begins. We will delve into why setting these boundaries is not only beneficial for your mental and physical health but also essential for enhancing your productivity and creativity at work.

    Hot Topics - Tips for busy people on setting better boundaries and being more productive.

    Tech Talk - Using technology to set calendar boundaries to allow for time for innovative and inspirational thought or focus time.   

    Moments with NIGP - Interview with Emily Moses, Publications and Content Curation Manager, about the recently completed Workforce Competency Study. The study looks at identifying and mapping the continuing education needs of NIGP's members. 

    Deeper Dive - How to set boundaries to be more productive in and out of the office! We will highlight some successes and challenges with establishing boundaries in and out of the office. We will discuss strategies developed by an agency in Virginia that continue to be effective today! 

    Chapter Updates - contemplates boundaries the chapter volunteer needs to consider but also looks at the boundaries the chapter leadership needs to set for successful engagement with chapter volunteers. 

    Procurement on the Go – (NEW FEATURE) Guest appearances from those in the procurement profession with their view and comments on the topic of the month. Stephanie Dion, Procurement Manager with Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, discusses the importance of setting boundaries when attending events in person to be present and effective.

    Construction Junction - The boundaries of control using different construction delivery methods and the separation of responsibilities after contract award.  

    Way to Grow - Using mentors to help mentees set individual boundaries.

    Commentary – Giving thanks with NIGP’s Rick Grimm to members, remembering major milestones in 2023, and looking forward to the year ahead

    After Hours – The entire staff continues the earlier Hot Topics conversation and addresses Creating a Culture of Respecting Cord Cutting  

  • October 2023 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Spotlight

    Hot Topics – An interview with Art Moore, the most recent Ella Pierce Diversity and Inclusion Award recipient, who discusses his work with the Illinois Equity and Inclusion Initiatives.  In this session we hear about how the State is proactively training staff to identify and resolve barriers to competition.  Art shares "why we should care" and how we can take ownership of our role in providing opportunities.

    Legally Speaking - A brief discussion of the legal case City of Richmond vs. J.A. Croson in which the United States Supreme Court held that the minority set-aside program of Richmond, Virginia, which gave preference to minority business enterprises in the awarding of municipal contracts, was unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause, and why the findings are still relevant to agencies deciding to implement an MBE or other types of DEI program. 

    Construction Junction - In this segment we cover the use of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in Federal Funded Construction Projects and Procurement's Role

    Deeper Dive - Supplier Diversity and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Programs---past, present and future!

    Way To Grow - Growing a DEI Program at Your Agency

    Moments with NIGP - Discussion with Todd Slater, Chief Content Officer, NIGP, about the Leadership Summit coming up in February 2024. 

    After Hours - Radio NIGP staff continue the discussion on D.E.I. focusing on exploring our supplier diversity plan and programs and how that benefits our communities and the effect on employee sustainability.

  • September 2023 - "Aha Moment"

    The dictionary defines an “aha moment” as “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.”

    For the over 2,500 attendees of NIGP’s 2023 Forum, there were plenty of “aha moments” for seasoned public procurement professionals, first time attendees, as well as suppliers.

    Aha Moments include:

    • The Influence procurement has
    • Shared interests (on a nationwide level)
    • Networking experiences (leading to new ideas/solutions)
    • Expert knowledge shared and new technology
    • Perspective and addressing assumptions from a non-procurement attendee
    • New relationships & reuniting with friends

    Also featured in today’s show are interviews with additional award winners:

    • Procurement Manager of the Year – Erin A. D’Vincent
    • Procurement Specialist of the Year – Tracy Garcia
    • Agency Advancement Award – Orange County Public Schools

    As an added bonus, the Radio NIGP team and "After Hours" where the team discusses their live appearance before an audience at Forum.

  • August 2023 - NIGP Individual Member Award Winners 2023

    The RadioNIGP team speak with the winners of NIGP's top Awards for 2023 as well as the finalists for the Manager of the Year Award and the Procurement Specialist of the Year Awards.  

  • July 2023 - Leadership: Extra Duties as Assigned

    Join us for an engaging discussion as the Radio NIGP staff dive into the world of leadership and the challenges that come with extra responsibilities.  Leadership is not just about a title or position; it's about inspiring others, making tough decisions, and going the extra mile. We will explore the qualities that define exceptional leaders and how they navigate the complexities of their roles. You will gain valuable insights, tips, and strategies to enhance your leadership skills and excel in those "extra duties as assigned" situations. Do not miss out on the chance to elevate your leadership game and discover the potential within you!

    • Hot Topics - Giving and receiving feedback. As supervisors, we have a responsibility to provide appropriate feedback to our subordinates, but how and when we provide that feedback matters. There are also opportunities for feedback that are not specific to a job title – presenting feedback to superiors/leadership as it relates to being a subject matter expert, providing feedback to your supervisor when you see them making a potentially detrimental decision, providing feedback to peers:
      • The value of praising publicly and coaching privately.
      • What to do when you make a mistake (apologize publicly).
      • Knowing the weight our voice has (as executive leadership) because even when we think we are just having a candid conversation, others may not feel like they can challenge us.
    • Good in Orange - Stacy is joined by former Procurement Officer, Rebecca Kee and certified clinical trauma therapist, Sandy Boone, to discuss leading through trauma. 
    • Chapter Updates – Conversations with Chapter Presidents from Florida and Tennessee about their "other duties as assigned".  We are leaders of our agencies and continue to keep our chapters thriving, long after our term as President, especially after we lose Presidents.
    • Tech Talk - "Other duties as assigned" that procurement professionals have to be aware of should their organization become a victim of a ransomware attack. While mitigation begins as you are forming contracts, many duties do not take place until an attack happens, and an entity needs to keep operations running. 
    • Deeper Dive: Making a Splash - “Leadership: Extra Duties as Assigned”—Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System – Procurement leaders share experiences and lessons learned while providing leadership as “other duties as assigned,” when successfully implementing an ERP system. Get an overview of the phases that may be included during the ERP implementation process. Resources available for those interested in implementing an ERP system.
    • Way to Grow - Two Can Grow Better Than One
    • After Hours – Tara and David discuss how to give feedback in a way that is appropriate (and owning our mistakes when we fail) which reflects our character. Seeking feedback from subordinates is tricky.  Sometimes the loudest voice is not the one you should be listening to.
  • June 2023 - Procurement Issues Grab Bag

    The staff of Radio NIGP takes on your top questions posted on NIGP’s Purchissues.  With over 600 years of procurement experience, staff shares their experiences and advice on the following:

    • Best practices for dealing with non-payment of subcontractors and other suggestions if your public entity requires payments to be made to a subcontractor. 
    • How do you define "professional services" - legal services, bond council, financial advisor, A&E; Brooks Act; QBS vs. Best Value; Brooks Act (Federal) and others that various states have adopted and their impact on federal funding.
    • Pre-bid Meetings: Good or Bad?
    • What to do with your surplus property (and not just throw it away).
    • Current Issues in Procurement with Bill Culhane, VP of Operations for BidPrime and Beacon Bid as well as the host of the Big Bid Theory Podcast.


    • Moments with NIGP: An interview with Chanda Carpenter, Director, Content Research and Development on NIGP's new 60/20 initiative which offers members a 20% discount on registration when registering for a class(es) at least 60 days in advance.
    • The Way to Grow segment travels to Florida to ask FAPPO members What would you consider to be the most pressing issue facing the public procurement profession today? 
    • Good in Orange: Lessons from employees from Mason, TN who were indicted on multiple theft charges, which includes holding two full time jobs simultaneously.
  • May 2023 - Mindful Moments & Improving Your Situation

    Since 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States and is highlighted in the media and local events.  It is also highlighted this May by Radio NIGP.   

    Procurement is fun but not easy at times.  As such, awareness of your wellbeing is important.  This month’s show addresses topics that include improving your own work situation, moving/sharing responsibilities strategically, change or transformation, training and letting go, and vacation planning. 


    • Deciding When It's Time to Walk Away
    • How the ADA can help
    • Panel discussion on “How can I improve my situation” with subject matter experts in the field of Human Resources and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI). During this segment, we explore opportunities that organizations and employees can take to work together to strengthen the mental and emotional well-being of the employees so that they live healthier lives and are more productive both at home and work.
    • Balancing your work/life and volunteering
    • “When Enough is Enough”
    • Managing your own situation: prioritization of multiple competing procurement requests, and how to make sure that taking a vacation has the desired effect.
    • How to calm your mind to focus on what really matters
    • Closing: During the pandemic we began to vocalize the importance of work/life balance.  We appreciated the importance of having a strong network and support system to help offset the struggles that isolation can bring.  Unfortunately, for many who struggle with mental health, the awareness alone does not bring about change or relief.  Listen to this month’s commentary for some insight and encouragement that will make you go HHMMMM.
  • April 2023 - Post Covid: You Made Improvements - Did they stick?

    This month’s show discusses the various struggles with losing momentum and gains during COVID, from Emergency to Permanency (such as virtual/online bid openings, remote working) and how public procurement professionals have adapted.

    • Hot Topic: Coming out of Covid - What's the good and bad?
    • Legally Speaking: Contract Modifications, Electronic Sourcing, Electronic Evaluation, Acceptance (or not) of Electronic Signatures, Public Meetings, On the Job Training...
    • Way to Grow: What We Learned During the Pandemic That Helped Us Grow!
    • Moments with NIGP:  How things have changed at NIGP due to the pandemic. Includes how NIGP pivoted for the first NIGP FORUM in 2020, and how educational delivery has changed, and will continue to change.
    • Deeper Dive:  A panel discussion about the impact of the pandemic on their procurement operations. Guests provide details of how they were able to “pivot” and make changes to the procurement business processes to meet the needs of their stakeholders.  We will discuss what worked well, and how they are continuing to manage the procurement process, post pandemic.
    • Tech Talk: ChatGPT, what is it, how can we use it, is it accurate and tips if using. 

    And a brand-new segment debuts this month:

    Construction Junction: Changes made during COVID with construction and how they were received.  Also, lessons learned from a Construction student on doing site visits virtually.

  • March 2023 - Public Procurement Impact and Engagement

    Stories of the impact public procurement has on topics that include:

    • Waste Water
    • Hurricane Response
    • When it’s “OK’ to be flexible
    • The value of your clients, your co-workers, and having fun
    • Surplus Property
    • And more

    Also this month’s regular segments:

    • Good in Orange - March's Procurement Month Message features a story about attempted fraud by an Atlanta Georgia businessman; and the value that procurement provides to our customers in similar situations.
    • Moments with NIGP – Upcoming elections and what it’s like as an elected representative on the Member Council
    • Way to Grow - a discussion about the new NIGP Public Procurement Associate Designation “Intensive” class with Rhonda Kaplan, Senior Procurement Specialist, City of Tamarac, Florida.

    Also, a special “Procurement On” welcome from NIGP CEO Rick Grimm and an After Hours special at the end of this month’s show.

  • February 2023 - Preparing for “March is Procurement Month”

    Traditionally, the month of March celebrates the public procurement profession.  To help you prepare properly, the Radio NIGP staff has a few suggestions:

    • Hot Topics - The group discusses volunteerism and why they pay it forward.
    • Legally Speaking- Learn about the importance of encouraging recognition by seeking Resolutions or other official acts to bring attention to this great profession and what we accomplish.  Also, consider seeking changes in your procurement codes during procurement month - changes in legislation are doable!  Hear about three hilarious old laws that demonstrate that codes/laws can be absurd and therefore changes are welcome! 
    • Deeper Dive - Highlights some low or no budget ideas for celebrating our profession in March
    • Tech Talk  & Good in Orange celebrate you and shares ideas on celebrating your procurement department.
    • Way to Grow – What’s new with Mentorship for Procurement Month with Mentorship Committee Chair Marcheta Gillespie and Vice Chair Kirk Buffington. 

    In addition, you can enjoy regular segments featuring:

    • Moments with NIGP - Talking about excitement for the ballot list and why it is important to vote in the upcoming NIGP elections 
    • Visionary Views - Happy 2nd Anniversary for Radio NIGP!  As the show kicks off it third year, join the co-founders as they talk about the original idea for the show.

    PLUS, two new segments:

    • Reflections – A new segment that interviews attendees from procurement events on their experiences.  This month we look back at some of the highlights from the NIGP Leadership Summit in St. Louis, MO
    • Afterhours – Additional material from a segment that would normally get cut but offers additional information, insight, and value.  The Hot Topics team shares some of the experiences of volunteerism, “paying it forward,” and when it unexpectedly pays off.
  • January 2023 - "Onboarding Employees

    Starting the new year with new employees, Radio NIGP has some great tips to help out with Onboarding New Employees: 

    • in person and in the virtual world (along with a cautionary tale of remote working gone wrong)
    • Coaching tips including using a checklist
    • Being the “new kid on the block”
    • Onboarding your new Chapter Officers

    Other Features:

    • Moments with NIGP -  Todd Slater, Chief Content Officer for NIGP discusses the Call for Presentations for NIGP Forum 2023 including the topics and types of presentations requested, the various length of presentations, the desire for both experienced and newer practitioners to submit, along with the deadline reminder of February 17, 2023.
    • Procurement Pioneers – Interview with Albert H. Hall Award and  Distinguished Service Award recipient Dr. Stephen B. Gordon
      • Advancing the strategic contribution of public procurement and contract management has been a primary focus of Dr. Gordon's career for over 40 years and now, in retirement, he is focusing on helping those individuals who struggle with loneliness, anxiety and depression.


  • December 2022 - “My Favorite Clause”

    Clause: a distinct article, stipulation, or proviso in a formal document

    • article: a stipulation in a document (such as a contract or a creed)
    • stipulation a condition, requirement, or item specified in a legal instrument
    • proviso: an article or clause (as in a contract) that introduces a condition

    A clause is a section or subsection written into a contract, which may contain one or more provisions within it, of which, stipulates a condition or requirement.  Clauses define the rights and obligations each party has under the agreement and fall into three general categories: enforcement, interpretation, and execution clause.

    As public procurement officials, it’s important to understand not only the meaning and the purpose behind the clauses but also how to use them properly in our documents.

    The staff of Radio NIGP has come up with a list of their favorite clauses and explores the meaning, purpose, and the benefits of the proper application of each:

    “My Favorite Clause” from the Radio NIGP staff:

    • Confidential Information
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Equitable Adjustment Provision / Escalation
    • Livable Wage
    • Non-Availability of Funding
    • Piggybacking & Cooperative Purchasing
    • Price Escalation
    • Public Inspection of Certain Records
    • Request for Information
    • Restrictions on Presenting Terms of Use or Offering Additional Services

    Stocking Stuffer: stick around for a special bonus from some of the Governing Board’s little helpers!

  • January 2023 - "Onboarding Employees

    Whether you’re new to procurement or a seasoned practitioner, we’ve got insightful tips and advice to guide your career forward.

    Highlights from this month's radio segment include:

    Hot Topics

    New to procurement or a seasoned practitioner? What is it that you don’t know?  How will you create a pathway to advance your career?  In this session we interview Cheral Manke and learn about NIGP’s new Concierge program which is designed to help guide your career journey.

    Visionary Views

    An interview with Jody Jacoby who speaks about the importance of hiring the right staff, in the right roles.  How it is so important to empower staff, training them and connecting them with others in the profession to help them grow in their careers.

    Tech Talk

    The Tech Talk team discuss the valuable resources that NIGP provides to those new to procurement or technology procurement. Sit back and take notes to improve your technology procurement skills. 

    Legally Speaking

    The team discusses the importance of understanding enabling legislation as well as insights into the Model Procurement Code (MPC)

    Chapter Updates

    NIGP website resources for those new to the profession and an interview with Fareshta Touhami and Ronni Levine about the new NIGP Chapter websites.

    Way to Grow

    An interview with Mentee, Gina Klug to discuss NIGP's Mentorship Platform called “Together.”

    Moments with NIGP

    Anna Spindler, Vice President, Procurement, Western Governors University, discusses their application for the Agency Advancement Award and the 2022 receipt of the award.

  • October 2022 - See Yourself in Cyber: Together we make it Safer

    For the past 18 years, October has been declared Cybersecurity Awareness Month and focuses on  helping individuals protect themselves online as threats to technology and confidential data increase.  This month’s theme is 'See Yourself in Cyber: Together we make it Safer', focusing on the ‘people’ part of cybersecurity, providing information and resources to help spread awareness.  Considering there are around 2,200 cyberattacks per day, that could equate to more than 800,000 people being hacked per year, getting information on preventing cyberattacks is extremely important more than ever.

    • Hot Topics – The team interviews Mohave County’s Chief Information Officer Nathan McDaniel for his perspective and recommendations for how to better protect ourselves from cyber threats.
    • Not Good in Orange - Stacy sits down with Travis Johnson, South Carolina State University Chief Information Officer, to discuss cyberattacks experienced by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) since the fall of 2021 including Lincoln College, Howard University, and North Carolina A&T University.
    • Way to Grow: Issues When Training Employees About Cyber Security Risks
    • Tech Talk – An interview with Maria Thompson, State and Local Government Cybersecurity Lead for Amazon Web Services (AWS) about information technology, strategic planning, computer network defense and risk management.
    • Deeper Dive - Radio NIGP Tech Talk host Kristy Varda defines Cyber-security and discuss why this topic is so important for public procurement practitioners, what’s trending in Cyber-security, what’s on the horizon in the next 5, 10 to 15 years and more.
    • Visionary Views - Brian Smith, Purchasing Manager for Multnomah County, Oregon and 2022 NIGP Distinguished Award Winner, describes his role in representing his entity and local NIGP chapter in Legislative issues affecting procurement.
    • Moments w/ NIGP - Kate Rotella, Director of Fiscal Affairs and Acquisitions - Eastern Connecticut State University, and Chair-Elect - NIGP Governing Board, discusses NIGP’s upcoming Leadership Summit scheduled for February 2023.
  • September 2022 Broadcast – Forum “Aha” Moments & NIGP Awardee Interviews

    Hundreds of public procurement professionals gathered recently in Boston, MA for the 2022 NIGP Forum.

    From the perspective of many first-time attendees, they were asked in this month’s show what was your “aha” moment at Forum, what did you take away from the plenary speakers and sessions, and how do you benefit in your role by attending?

    Radio NIGP continues to place the spotlight on the best of the best in Public Procurement with additional interviews of this year's NIGP Award Recipients:

    • Ella Pierce Diversity and Inclusion Award (Clarissa Clark)
    • Procurement Manager of the Year Award (Zac Christensen)
    • Procurement Specialist of the Year Award (Teresa Chapman

    NIGP staff and management also weigh in on the impact of Forum on our profession.

    Finally, stick around for the first-time ever post-credit scenes!

  • August 2022 Broadcast – Forum Broadcast - the Awards show!

    As the unsung heroes of procurement, we aren’t used to being recognized for what we do.  

    Today we place the spotlight on the best of the best in Public Procurement with interviews of this year's NIGP Award Recipients.

    Interviews with the recipients for the Ella Pierce Diversity and Inclusion Award (Clarissa Clark), Procurement Manager of the Year Award, and the Procurement Specialist of the Year Award will be featured in the September Radio NIGP show!

  • July 2022 Broadcast - Supplier Relationships

    This month, Radio NIGP focuses on supplier relationships and how we build collaborative environments while maintaining procurement integrity.

    Hot Topics Supplier Relationships - Not Just an Arm’s Length Issue.”

    Chapter Updates - Developing supplier relationships through chapter events.

    Deeper Dive (NEW SEGMENT) - Bobbie Tolston speaks with instructor and content creator Barbara Johnson and Supplier and Master's Certificate for Suppliers designee Dr. Kim Abrego about NIGP's educational offerings for the supplier community.  

    Tech Talk - This month’s discussion includes: tips on hiring vendors as subject matter experts, case law surrounding hiring vendors as subject matter experts, and suggestions for having protocol in place so that vendors and procurement agents can have a clear policy around their relationships.

    Legally Speaking - Explores our relationship with our Suppliers: the difference between ethics and the law; while collaborating with our suppliers we have to remember that perception is reality; and gifts and trade shows - what’s the right thing to do.

    Way to Grow - Newest NIGP Business Council Member, Becca Blazak, discusses why her firm Joined the NIGP Business Council

    Visionary Views - An interview with Carl Bonitto about NIGP volunteering, mentorship, networking, Forum value, certification, supply chain issue resources, training internal clients, potential webinar use and development, and C-suite engagement. 

    Not Good in Orange - How the CEO of an electric company was sentenced to prison because the progress of a construction project was misrepresented to the SC legislature.

    Commentary - If you ever feel like you are caught in a game of tug of war with your suppliers, tune in to recognize the importance of joining forces and pulling together to find ways to make a project work in spite of uncertainties in today’s market.  Spoiler alert: it is all in the communication, collaboration, and creative thinking!

  • June 2022 Broadcast – Improving Your Effectiveness

    The topic for this month centers around improving the effectiveness of our relationships and decision-making support.  As Public Procurement Professionals, supplier and stakeholders support is critical to the service delivery that we provide for our customers. We’ll share some tips and tools that will help you become more effective by refreshing your relationships.

    Hot Topic - Internal Relationships and the hard ten percent

    Legally Speaking – Key perspectives on establishing or improving your working relationship with legal. Do we share the same view about fundamental responsibilities?  Two new contributors join the team as they unpack some considerations when working with counsel.

    Chapter Updates – An interview with Jennifer Steffan, Chapter Relations Manager for NIGP

    Way To Grow – How NIGP Mentorships can develop and grow personal and professional relationships

    Procurement Pioneers - An interview with the 2008 NIGP Albert H. Hall Memorial Award Recipient, E. Ray (Ray) Burnett

    Because I Don’t Look Good in Orange - An embezzlement case involving two procurement officers at Coahoma Community College and why there should be multi-level checks in place to prevent p-card fraud

    Commentary - Building relationships with our stakeholders including our end users and our suppliers is critical to the success of any project.  How those relationships are built can take several different forms, but networking is an excellent tool to help grow and develop your personal and professional relationships.  In this segment we will explore times when who you know helps what you know, and relationships always matter.

  • May 2022 Broadcast - The Forum Edition

    This month's segment focuses on the Forum experience. Hear what your colleagues have to say about Forum - the memories they share, the advice they offer and the support that's shared by all. It's where procurement professionals come together to connect, learn new innovative ways to perform tasks and grow personally as well as professionally. 

    Whether you are planning to attend in-person or virtually you can expect a unique and unforgettable conference that's designed around you. Here are highlights from Radio NIGP:

    A Day in the Life of a Forum Attendee: We discuss how we create our schedules; our favorite part of Forum; and how we visit the trade show.

    Moments with NIGP - An interview with Carrie Winter, NIGP Director of Events on what you can expect in Boston and virtually.

    Legally Speaking: A preview of upcoming Forum sessions that have a particular legal slant and offer useful, compelling content.

    Visionary Views – An interview with Kara Daniel, NIGP Chapter Ambassador and Manager I – Purchasing with the School District of Springfield R-12 (Missouri).  Kara provides a roadmap from Local to National NIGP and speaks about the journey from being a member to officer with MAPP, a volunteer with NIGP, and how Forum enhanced her leadership with MAPP - a full circle moment.

    Way to Grow - A special panel discussion on what advice you would give to your mentee regarding the benefits of attending Forum.  Panel discussion members include:

    • Denise Badillo, Director of Procurement, City of North Charleston, South Carolina
    • Juan Corral, Procurement and Contract Services Division Manager at the County of Orange Health Care Agency in California.
    • Victoria (Vickey) Cortinas, Senior Procurement Specialist, Tucson Electric Power Company.
    • Lisa Mehalko, Director of Procurement, Georgia Technology Authority.

    Tech Talk – Discusses the Technology and Innovation track offered at Forum

    Chapter Updates - Seven chapters provide input on how they promote participation at Forum for their members

    Good in Orange - Forum behavior and how attendees should think about the ethical implications of their after-hour actions.

  • April 2022 Broadcast - Staffing: Hire for Passion, Train for Competence!

    Many professional industries have experienced a mass exodus from the workforce since the pandemic. This exodus has caused a knowledge gap within many public procurement agencies.  Join us as we provide our listeners with tips and tools for filing those vacancies.  The broadcast also features the Word of the Day, updates from NIGP Chapters, and this month's commentary.

    • Hot Topics - Procurement staffing – the world is changing FAST…are we ready?
    • Legally Speaking - Legally Speaking surveys some of the legal issues surrounding employees working remotely, providing a checklist you can use to assess your own entity’s preparedness
    • Visionary Views - Interview with Jenn Myers, Procurement Manager, City of Tucson, AZ on What Public Procurement process looks like two years after the Covid pandemic: 
      • Fully staffed with new hires onboarding
      • Strategic Plan refocus
      • Internal training first with new software launch
    • Tech Talk - Staffing challenges with discussions on the importance of cross-training, checklists, collaboration with end users and Leadership support
    • Way To Grow - An interview with Nathan Daou, Procurement Administrator, City of Tucson, AZ on Mentorship And Succession Planning.
    • Good in Orange - What can go wrong when managers hire procurement officers under duress.
  • March 2022 Broadcast - Procurement Month

    It’s the one-year anniversary of Radio NIGP and we’re celebrating Procurement!

    The show kicks off with a greeting from NIGP CEO Rick Grimm followed by great information in this month’s segments:

    • Greeting from NIGP CEO Rick Grimm
    • Moments with NIGP: NIGP Membership Council members Jody Jacoby and Zulay Millan discuss the upcoming elections and why member participation is so important.
    • I Don’t Look Good in Orange: PPE fraud during the pandemic and how it presented opportunities for Procurement professionals to shine.
    • Tech Talk: Celebrating YOU and technology!
    • Visionary Views: An interview with Gord and Emma Sears
    • Way to Grow: The Experiences of a Successful Mentee with Mentors – and interview with Tracy Attenasio
    • Commentary: As we celebrate YOU and the job that you do during Procurement Month, we also share tips on how to add value and be recognized all year long. Hmmmm…is such a thing possible? 
  • February 2022 Broadcast - Softening the "No"

    No one likes to hear “No” especially from the Purchasing Office. Radio NIGP takes a hard look at how you can soften the 'No' and still achieve your entity's goals. In our profession, we have to help stakeholders understand the potential outcomes of their decisions which is not always what they want to hear. 

    • Hot Topics – softening and even removing from your lexicon, the “No” at work
    • Legally Speaking - When and Why Lawyers Say No
    • Tech talk – Ways to avoid the “no” in negotiation technology procurements that could comprise data and increase threats when facing a short deadline
    • NEW SEGMENT:  Moments with NIGP – Highlights on NIGP with this month’s segment focusing on Global Best Practices
    • Way to Grow - Explore the show’s theme "softening the no," in relation to thought leaders and mentors interacting with others.  What happens when they say "NO?" 
    • Procurement Pioneers – An interview with Kenneth Koester, NIGP 2010-2011 Past Presidents/Governing Board Chair, NIGP Distinguished Service Award in 2013 and 2020 recipient of the Albert H. Hall Memorial Award
    • I don’t look good in Orange - The case of Richland County Council Woman Dahli Meyers, who was indicted on 24 counts, including making fraudulent charges on her Pcard.
    • Commentary - No one likes being told “no” but everyone likes to know their options.  In our profession, we have to help our stakeholders understand the potential outcomes of their decisions, and that is not always what they want to hear.  In this segment, we explore the concept that you may not like me now, but you’ll love me later.
  • January 2022 Broadcast - "Renew"

    As we start a new year, we often think about things we would like to change or renew. If you are looking for some new ideas about things to renew, our friends at Radio NIGP have lots of suggestions:

    • Hot Topic: It’s a new year; a time of renewal; and the Hot Topics crew has suggestions for things to consider in the coming months.
    • Procurement Pioneers: An interview with author and NIGP 2009 Distinguished Service Award recipient Dr. Clifford McCue
    • Chapter Updates: Newly elected Chapter Presidents share their plans for 2022
    • Tech Talk:  Reviews major technology issues in 2021 and how these are setting the trend for Technology changes in 2022.
    • I Don’t Look Good in Orange: A case of PCard fraud at Georgia Tech and the steps an administrator must take to bounce back from a problematic program.
    • Way to Grow: What is the Mentorship Committee looking to accomplish in 2022.
    • Commentary: When considering the renewal of an old goal or the starting of a new one, it is important to consider ways to ensure success rather than increase frustration.  In this segment we will introduce a methodology that will help keep the momentum of renewal going long term.


  • December 2021 - Procurement Pioneers

    As a bonus, in our Stocking Stuffer video, you’ll meet the Radio NIGP staff, view the interview with the Jack Pitzer and receive a Legally Speaking-approved greeting.

    For this month’s show, legends from the world of procurement are interviewed and asked about changes they’ve seen in procurement over the years, lessons learned (including what you wish you knew when you started), and if they could do it all over again would they.

    Procurement Pioneers include recipients of the Albert H. Hall Memorial Award, Anne Deatherage Meritorious Service Award, and the Distinguished Service Award, former National and Chapter NIGP Presidents, Master Instructors, NIGP Leap textbook authors, columnists, and NIGP chapter founders:

    • Carol Hodes
    • Dick & Lynda Cummings
    • Fred Marks
    • Jack Pitzer
    • Jane Ogle
    • Jeannie Readey
    • Kirk Buffington
    • Paul Brennan

    The show is book-ended with season greetings in the Word of the Day and concludes with a commentary on gratitude.

    View each interview in its entirety

  • November 2021 - When is the emergency over?

    Word of the Day

    Many procurement professionals face emergency situations on a regular basis. Unfortunately, emergencies occur during the everyday functions of the procurement department. The way emergencies are handled will vary from entity to entity. Based on the process used by the entity to handle the emergency, we discuss during this segment, “what happens after the emergency is over”?

    Hot Topics

    • The team addresses the question “When is the emergency over?” with their answer “It depends!”

    Legally Speaking

    • Legal views about when an emergency ends from both procurement and federal fund reimbursement perspectives.


    • When your end users or suppliers have an emergency, who do they call? As procurement professionals, we will explore the role we typically play in emergencies.

    Way to Grow

    • Longtime Government Procurement magazine columnist Fred Marks is interviewed and discusses what happens after the emergency.

    Visionary Views

    • Visionary Enna Bachelor discusses how a “team of one” can serve an entity with success.
  • October 2021 - Prices Rising

    In this month’s show, Radio NIGP addresses what steps public procurement professionals can take when facing price adjustment requests from suppliers when market prices for goods are extremely volatile and unpredictable.  

    Here's what waiting for you this month:

    • Word of the Day - "Price Increase"
    • Managing requests for price increases from suppliers is occurring across the country. How do we as procurement professionals manage the increases as we try to maintain our already established budgets? How do we negotiate the increase?  Can we negotiate the increase request? Get answers to these relevant questions and learn how your colleagues are managing these requests.
    • Hot Topics
      Suppliers can’t or won’t hold their prices, what do we do now?
    • Legally Speaking
      What are the legal aspects of modifications affecting price and schedule?
    • Tech Talk
      We discuss price increases and longer wait times due to the chip shortage with suggestions about what entities can do to protect themselves against these and other issues.  
    • Chapter Updates
      We recognize the 2021 Outstanding Chapter Award Recipients and learn how Chapters are handling rising costs.
    • Interviews
      Hear what some inspiring public procurement professionals in Way to Grow and Visionary Views have to say.

    And don't forget watch for some "Things That Make You Go Hmm" in this month's Commentary.

  • September 2021 - What doesn't kill me made me stronger

    Here's what waiting for you this month:

    • Word of the Day
      We can all think of incidents during the past when we could not see how a given situation would end. We have guests during our show that will share experiences that made them stronger individuals.
    • Interviews with Public Procurement Professionals that have faced difficult situations and came out Stronger
      Lourdes Coss - Shares her experiences in highly charged workplaces.
      Kristy Varda -  “Voting with your feet” when/how to move to a better work environment.
      Chris Boss - How the instructions of the RFP saved the day after declaring multiple proposers non-responsive on a half-billion-dollar procurement
    • Chapter Updates
      How three Tennessee chapter Presidents have strengthened their bonds after a failed merger attempt
      An excerpt from the new Chesapeake Bay Procurement Association at their chartering ceremony from Chair Tonya Joyner
    • Way to Grow
      Mentee Tracy Garcia is interviewed
    • Visionary Views
      Interview with NIGP’s 2021 Buyer of the Year - Stephanie Dion
    • In Orange
      Part II - Ted Wachter story with the outcome of workplace harassment and discrimination suit from 2005
  • August 2021 - Work/Life Balance

    In this month’s show, Radio NIGP addresses the transition back to the office by looking at how working people manage time spent at and outside of work.  We also get a preview of NIGP’s Leadership Summit and two new segments are coming your way!

    Here's what waiting for you this month:

    • Word of the Day
      Provides a definition of work life balance through an example of how a procurement professional can find balance in their job.
    • Hot Topics
      What does Supplier Training have to do with Work/Life Balance?
    • Interviews with NIGP 
      Carrie Rawn discusses the upcoming NIGP Leadership Summit.
    • NEW - Way to Grow
      Immediate past Mentorship Committee Chair Keith Glatz provides an introduction to the new NIGP Mentorship Program and explains how you can get involved.
    • Legally Speaking
    • NEW - Visionary Views
      Interview with Denise Finn, Procurement Manager with the City of Fort Myers, Florida
    • In Orange
      A story about workplace harassment and discussion about how similar experiences can impact the employee’s work/life balance
    • Commentary
  • July 2021 - NIGP Forum 2021

    NIGP Virtual Forum can only mean one thing - an expanded Forum addition for this month's Radio NIGP show.

    Here's what waiting for you this month:

    • Word of the Day (0:10)
      The question of the day asks some questions to get viewers thinking about attending Forum.  As you listen to others throughout the broadcast discussing this topic, it will answer some of the questions you may not otherwise have considered
    • Interviews with NIGP (1:10)
      Advice for first time attendees, how to choose what to sessions to attend, and the importance of networking
    • Chapter Updates (17:30)
      How NIGP Chapters are supporting their members attending Forum
    • Hot Topics (22:30)
      Virtual Forum is fast approaching and there are dozens of presentations from which to choose. This month the Hot Topics trio discusses how they make their choices and offers some of their exciting recommendations
    • Tech Tips (49:05)
      Highlighting Forum’s Technology track
    • Legally Speaking (51:00)
      Introduces the Forum Legal Aspects track segments and the Procurement in the Courtroom case; and why they are important to procurement practitioners
    • Commentary (1:03:25)
      Registration alone does not mean you are attending Forum.  HHMMM…  In this commentary we discuss the importance of truly attending ourselves, supporting others as they attend, and seeking knowledge and perspectives from others that are attending
  • June 2021 - Returning to Work

    What can we expect? What are the various perspectives? What kind of support can we provide? How does this topic resonate with you and your entity? 

    Topics covered include:

    • Word (or in this case) Words of the Day
    • Chapter Updates
    • Tech Talk - Topic: Ransomware
    • Hot Topics 
    • Commentary on the effect on staff of returning to work. 
  • May 2021 - Resilience

    "Resilience” and it's meaning based on experiences, specifically during the past year with COVID19.

    Topics covered include:

    • Legally Speaking: Discusses how to make new ideas “stick” instead of reverting to business as usual, and thoughts about whether laws may need to change to implement your ideas.
    • Good in Orange: Examines P-Card fraud and misuse at an institution of Higher Education; and how they bounced back from it.
    • Commentary: Mothers (and fathers) are a perfect picture of resiliency and are worthy of being celebrated every day!
    • Hot Topics: the age old question of when to use an RFP is discussed, with a bit of an emphasis on gaining the best value for our clients.
    • Chapter Updates: Chapter members and Ambassadors speak about NIGP’s Chapter Academy, an annual leadership development experience offered to existing and rising chapter leaders.
  • April 2021 - ReImagine

    Procurement's creativity in performing their role during this past year under COVID.

    Topics covered include:

    • Legally Speaking: Discusses the legality of electronic signatures and approvals in the Procurement process
    • Procurement Ethics: Examines lessons learned from the “Fajita Bandit”
    • Commentary: What does it take for others to see the value of Procurement?
    • Chapter Updates: Three NIGP Chapters share their successes in  innovation during COVID
  • March 2021 - Premiere Episode