Understanding Local Preference

This self-paced course provides an overview of Local Bidder Preference. Local Bidder Preference is a decision by the government to direct purchases to certain companies based on location. When accepting bids for projects, a percentage increase is added to out-of-town bidders bid prices, to give local bidders an advantage in the bidding process. Although local vendor preferences are thought to stimulate local economies, they often do not work as intended.

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Level: Foundation


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand policies around Local Bidder Preference
  • Describe the pros and cons of Local Bidder Preference

Intended Audience

This course is targeted to individuals who meet or exceed the following professional demographics:  

  • Entry-level public procurement and central warehouse professionals who serve as assistants, coordinators, buyers, or equivalent functions within their respective entities.   

  • Non-procurement managers and supervisors who are responsible for either the procurement function or staff who provide procurement functions under delegated authority.   

  • Professionals who are employed by governing entities and special authorities (such as K-12 and higher education, publicly-owned utilities, transportation providers, and other publicly-funded or created organizations) that either serve within or manage the procurement function.  

  • Suppliers or representatives of suppliers seeking to understand the public procurement function from a holistic level, including the policies, standards, and procedures by which public entities must function.   

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Designed for public procurement professionals who are new to the profession or have 1-5 of experience.

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Completion Requirements

In order to successfully complete, learners must:

  • Complete all course modules.
  • Complete the post-course evaluation survey available in Aspire.