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NIGP Pathways Concierge Program

Employees come into our profession from an array of backgrounds, commonly without procurement-specific education or training. Yet they are expected to play a public role that demands both in-depth knowledge of detailed policies and procedures and the soft skills necessary to respond to sensitive situations. This creates a need for specific, life-long training, education, and credentialling (e.g. professional certification) that relate to standard staff positions. 

In response to these needs, NIGP is now offering customized, complementary individual and organizational professional education concierge services. 


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Todd Slater, PhD.


Today’s procurement industry is being buffetted by the winds of a number of national and global trends, problems, and outright disasters, contributing to high-pressure demands across the industry. Being able to adequately respond to supply chain issues, labor shortages, greenhouse gas initiatives, and sustainability regulations requires a stable, motivated, educated staff pool. Employees must be given opportunities to stay current to meet the rising demands of their organizations and profession.


While being able to recruit and maintain a strong, consistent workforce is essential to the growth of the industry, so too is teaching new and established procurement professionals the skills they need to wisely dispense trillions of public dollars each year. Providing crucial training, educational options, and certification opportunities promotes employee satisfaction and organizational excellence and growth. When entities invest in their employees and provide multi-year funding to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities, they increase the motivation of those employees to stay and grow at their own organizations. Maintaining a skilled workforce benefits not only staff, but also their internal clients, suppliers, elected officials, and taxpayers.

For Individual Members

Through NIGP’s Pathways Concierge progam, experienced procurement and education professionals will talk to members about their career goals, help them identify their best professional path forward, and mentor them along the way using the NIGP Pathways program. Through active listening and thoughtful conversation, our concierge staff will ask procurement professionals about their:

  • Current roles, responsibilities, and career aspirations
  • Education, certifications, and work and life experience
  • Thoughts on how their skills can best contribute to the success of their specific organization 

With the information they gather, Pathways concierge professionals can help NIGP members determine the progressive steps required to reach their goals and take advantage of growth opportunities at their organizations and at NIGP. Concierge professionals will teach members how to navigate Pathway’s learning paths, offer customized training recommendations, and mentor them as they move forward in their professional journey.

For Public Entity Organizations

NIGP’s Pathways Concierge helps public entities identify the staff skills necessary to ensure their organizations are up to today’s challenges and create intentional succession plans for the future. Our concierge professionals can review with organizational leaders their:

  • Unique culture
  • Current and ongoing organizational challenges 
  • Verticle and horizontal procurement organizational structures n  Existing and anticipated organizational staffing needs  and gaps
  • Current vacancies, recruitment activities, and staffing challenges
  • Customized roadmap for identifying and implementing staff learning, growth, and promotion opportunities relevant to current and future staff positions
  • Strategy for individual career planning and systemic succession planning 

Based on this information, Pathways concierge professionals will identify the training gaps that are keeping individual organizations from reaching their full potential and help them fill those gaps. Concierge professionals will explore with organizations how NIGP Pathways can help them address their staffing challenges by personalizing a training, talent development, and retention plan for individual staff and organizations as a whole.