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Get to Know Pathways



Get to Know Pathways

Careers no longer follow linear paths. Instead, they are fluid and full of new opportunities and challenges at every turn. Navigating this can be challenging, but it can be made easier with the right development plans and learning opportunities to guide you. 

That’s why we created Pathways, a professional development and credentialing program designed to help procurement professionals advance in your careers at every stage of your career journey. Whether you're just entering the profession, at the mid-point or you're an emerging leader, NIGP Pathways can help accelerate your career.

Pathways provides personalized learning paths customized for every stage of your career with instant recognition through the use of digital badges and served on a platform for “always-on” learning. It's designed to give you the skills and build your capabilities for a long and successful career in public procurement.

The new Designated Public Procurement Associate designation NIGP offers really helps people new to the profession by expanding their understanding of Procurement. The Core Certificates that make up the designation uses modern teaching techniques like group activities, engaging coursework and sharing experiences while giving students a good foundation for future certifications.

- Caitlyn Tracy, Procurement Specialist, Loudoun County Schools




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Personalized Learning Paths

The one-size-fits-all model of learning doesn’t work when we’re developing leaders at all levels of procurement. That’s why Pathways has personalized learning paths that help you get the skills and knowledge you need to get to that next level in your career.

Instant Recognition

Receive instant recognition for all your learning with digital badges that are awarded after you successfully pass the assessment. These badges recognize your achievement and give you digital proof of your accomplishments that you can share with your supervisors, colleagues, and anyone else through your professional social networks.

Flexible Scheduling

We know that you have specific goals for your career. That’s why Pathways provides the flexibility you need to create learning paths specifically tailored to meet your individual goals. You are always in control of what, when and how you learn with Pathways - whether you prefer an in-person classroom environment, a virtual instructor-led classroom setting, or for ultimate control, our 100% on-demand classes.

Time and Money Savings

Our program is built in a modular format which saves you time and money. It allows you to only pay for the content you need, when you need it and delivered in an easily digestible snack-sized format, that can be built upon incrementally. Pathways is designed so that even the busiest professionals can find time in their schedule to learn and grow.

The Components of Pathways

The Public Procurement Competency Framework (PPCF) is a comprehensive, universal guide for professional development that focuses on the critical competencies for success in public procurement. The PPCF is comprised of 7 focus areas across 33 individual competencies to help guide your learning.

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Core Certificates

Core certificates provide a focused learning experience across an array of related competencies. Once you complete the selected competencies and pass the assessment, you are instantly awarded a digital core certificate badge.

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Designations let you take your career to new heights while showing mastery of a comprehensive set of competencies aligned to a specific job role or function. Designations are comprised of certificates and are designed to show breadth and depth of learning across a wider set of competencies.

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Specialization Certificates

Demonstrate your mastery in niche areas of procurement with Specialization certificates to showcase depth of learning.  Specialization Certificates are standalone certificates and do not have pre-requisites.

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Certification - NIGP-CPP

NIGP's New Certified Procurement Professional Certification is a Proven Pathway to Invest in Your Long-Term Career Growth

  • Enhances your professional credibility
  • Distinguishes you in the job market
  • Expands your career opportunities
  • Enables you to stay current in your profession

The new NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP-CPP) program was designed for leaders just like you.

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Certificates vs. Certification