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Pathways Workforce

Pathways Workforce development provides dedicated pathways procurement professionals can follow based on their current and future roles in the public procurement profession. See how it benefits individuals and entities alike.

Why Pathways Workforce?

Today’s professionals rarely follow a linear career trajectory. The days of staying in one job from entry-level until retirement are relics from the past.

Instead, today’s professionals are lifelong learners who want to continue gaining new skills for personal and professional growth.

 Individuals trust NIGP to help them accelerate and plan their careers in public procurement and find fulfillment.

 Organizations rely on NIGP’s Learning programs to strengthen their talent pipeline and bolster their succession plans.


With Pathways Workforce, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining your career. We’re simply providing you with a roadmap to take you from point A to Z. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Maintain job market competitiveness
  • Focus on continual growth and improvement by developing career plans
  • Get the flexibility you need to meet the demands of any schedule
  • Access to ongoing support for new and seasoned procurement professionals
  • Develop overarching competencies needed to be productive in the workplace



NIGP does the due diligence to ensure that procurement professionals develop the appropriate competencies they need to succeed in their roles and best serve their organization’s growth and succession plans. Here’s how Pathways Workforce can help your entity:

  • Attract new, diverse talent
  • Improve employee retention
  • Create and maintain a strong staff and leadership pipeline for succession planning
  • Develop the organizational infrastructure for a deep and effective talent pool
  • Nurture and grow the competencies to deliver effective procurement practices for the public sector


Get Started

NIGP Pathways Workforce includes learning pathways designed for specific job roles. Select the job role that most closely aligns with your current or aspirational position to see your suggested pathway for career development.

For more information contact Todd Slater, NIGP Chief Content Officer: