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NIGP membership gives you access to a network of 17,300+ procurement professionals, opportunities to continue learning and growing in the profession, time-saving resources and templates, and the institutional experience of 2,600+ member agencies.


NIGP has been the leading voice of state and local procurement professionals across the United States and Canada for more than 75 years. Our goal is to develop a strong and engaged community of procurement practitioners, to support your professional growth and development, and to empower you with innovative programs.

In addition to our rich content and leadership programs, you have access to our future-focused learning and innovative resources that ensure you’re equipped with the skillset and information you need to succeed. Highlights include:

We truly appreciate all the support of NIGP. It’s amazing!

Mireidy Fernandez, PhD, MPA, BS, NCI
Miami-Dade County – Strategic Procurement Department - Policy, Training & Compliance



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