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Impact of Procurement

The field of public procurement is often misunderstood. In the past, it was considered a back-office function. However, over the years, the profession has transformed and today the procurement professional is a strategic partner and steward of maximizing the value of public spend. They are important agents in the public sector who strategically source suppliers and materials for activities that benefit the public’s health and safety in a variety of ways. 

Without public procurement, roads wouldn’t get built and hospitals wouldn’t have the medical equipment they need to care for patients. Schools wouldn’t have textbooks and sanitation services couldn’t be improved. There’s a seemingly endless list of all the ways public procurement impacts the public to improve people’s lives and ensure their health and safety.

Benefits of Public Procurement

Public procurement is responsible for ethically sourcing contracts that benefit the public. Public procurement operates at the local, state, and federal levels. Here are some of the ways public procurement benefits all of us.

$4.45 trillion
U.S. government spending 2019
(US Spending)
$111 billion
State and local government
IT spending 2020
CDN 400 billion
Canadian government spending
(Canadian Spending)