Research Report: Public Procurement Benchmark Survey Report 2019

NIGP strives to provide practical and useful research findings to assist everyday decision making for procurement professionals. Benchmarks and benchmarking, due to increasing budgetary constraints, represent two dimensions that our members find particularly important in supporting their daily work. The role of public procurement as a profession and governing pillar has been growing steadily over the last few years. Increasingly, public procurement is being recognized as a means for government organizations to achieve operational efficiencies. The challenge this poses is that often, procurement departments within government entities are frequently understaffed, underfunded, and under-trained. Typically procurement professionals must go outside of organizations for reliable training resources to progress in their careers and help their entities achieve success. This report provides entities with a structured way to compare their operations with those of other public procurement entities. Survey results focus on specific operating practices and processes that allow individual entities to examine and identify potential opportunities to improve operating practices within their organization.